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Achilles Tires - Platinum 7 UNIVERSAL

Brand: Achilles Tires | Category: Tires
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
ACH-PLAT7-155/70/13 155/70/13
Diameter: 13
Sidewall: 70
Width: 155
ACH-PLAT7-165/65/13 165/65/13
Diameter: 13
Sidewall: 65
Width: 165
ACH-PLAT7-165/70/13 165/70/13
Diameter: 13
Sidewall: 70
Width: 165
ACH-PLAT7-165/80/13 165/80/13
Diameter: 13
Sidewall: 80
Width: 165
ACH-PLAT7-175/60/13 175/60/13
Diameter: 13
Sidewall: 60
Width: 175

Product Description

Platinum 7 is a high performance tires yet economical. It enables maximum maneuver both in dry and wet handling. Specially designed for optimal driving comfort in extreme weather.

Features & Benefits
Solid Center Rib
Delivers straight line stability to improve handling
The lateral groove design
Can reduce the generation of noise from
Circular Sipe Design
Reduces the rigidness of the tread and enhancing the driving comfort
Deeper shoulder groove depth design
Improves premature wear on the tire and enhances longevity of the tire life

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