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FEAL Suspension - WRX STI Rebuilt & Revalved Struts SUBARU

Brand: FEAL Suspension | Category: Shocks / Struts

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More Information Year Model SubModel Cylinders Liter Aspiration Eng Desg. Fuel Notes
Click For More Info 2004 - 2004 IMPREZA WRX STI ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL GD
Click For More Info 2005 - 2007 IMPREZA WRX STI ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL GD

Product Description

These are OEM rebuilt and revalved struts for your 2004 and 2005-07 Subaru Impreza WRX STI. They will out perform and outlast your original struts. We can also sell you struts that are custom tailored to your aftermarket springs and or driving style/needs at no extra charge. You can mail back your old STI struts for a $350 core refund.

The Revalve Service that we perform to the STI struts includes:

Cleaning and re greasing strut housings (eliminates strut clunk)
Polishing out nicks and glazed spots from insert surface (long term reduction of strut clunk causing friction)
Revalving inserts (improves ride quality over stock)
High performance motocross grade shock fluid and nitrogen recharge (less change in ride comfort in cold weather)
Installation of Zerk fittings ($20 extra)
What the heck are Zerk fittings for?

We strategically place this fitting between the strut’s bushings. This now allows you to add fresh grease to your struts without removing them from your car! When grease is worked away from the strut bushings, the strut begins to clunk. By applying more grease via a Zerk fitting, you create grease pressure between the bushing and fill the dry spots.

Your set up the options explained:

Tarmac Spec (most popular)- Great for high spirited driving utilizing the original or aftermarket springs. “Tarmac Spec” offers a more compliant and balanced ride over stock. There is a noticeable ride improvement driving on rough road surfaces as well as tighter curvy roads.

Gravel Spec- This is ideal for those who participate in Rallyx or demand more performance on gravel. Gravel spec valving is harsher at low vehicle speed, but resists bottoming at higher speeds and big ruts. There is more high speed rebound damping to control rebound speeds after the struts get close to bottoming. We do not recommend this spec for daily driving.

Custom Spec- This is for those who have dedicated their cars to a specific use such as road racing or just want to run a spring rate that is much softer or stiffer than the original spring rate.

You can also choose to ship your struts in for the service:
Save money on shipping by not sending us your springs or top hats. We will finish the work within 5 business days and ship them back to you. You can prepay using our website below, or simply send us your contact info and we will call you for your billing and shipping details. Going this route you will avoid the refundable $350 core fee.

We are currently out of stock of strut cores. If you make a purchase, we will place you on a waiting list for struts.

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