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HKS A/F Knock Amp Accessories UNIVERSAL

Brand: HKS | Category: Wideband O2 Sensors & Gauges
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
44999-AK022 A/F Knock Amp.2, A/F Sensor
44999-AK023 A/F Sensor Harness
For A/F Knock Amp 2/3
44999-AK024 Knock Amp Sensor Harness
For A/F Knock Amp 3
44999-AK001 O2 Sensor Boss & Bolt Set

Product Description

Just bought your HKS A/F Knock Amp and want to get it up and running ASAP? Well you may need some of these accessories. An O2 sensor will help (might as well keep a backup) and you ay need a Senson Boss to install it in your downpipe. A Harness might be necessary and might as well grab a Connector Set while you’re at it.

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