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Mishimoto Heat Shielding - Heat Shielding Sleeve UNIVERSAL

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MMHP-HSS-1236SL Heat Shielding Sleeve
Color Silver
Size 1/2in x 36in
MMHP-HSS-136SL Heat Shielding Sleeve
Color Silver
Size 1in x 36in
MMHP-HSS-1236GD Heat Shielding Sleeve
Color Gold
Size 1/2in x 36in
MMHP-HSS-136GD Heat Shielding Sleeve
Color Gold
Size 1in x 36in

Product Description

Ensure the safety of critical lines and wiring with the Mishimoto Heat Shielding Sleeve. Our sleeves are constructed from a robust combination of aluminum and fiberglass for optimal protection against up to 1100°F of continuous and 500°F of direct heat. Our sleeves also feature hook and loop fasteners for a simplified installation without the need to disconnect vital fuel lines or wiring harness connections. The Mishimoto Heat shielding sleeves are available in silver and gold with a 1/2” to 1” width option to suit the needs of your vehicle. As with all of our products, the Mishimoto Heat Shielding Sleeve is covered under the Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty.


  • Aluminum and fiberglass construction to protect critical lines and wires from engine heat
  • Hook and loop fastener for simple installation
  • Rated up to 1100°F of continuous heat and 500°F of direct heat
  • Available in ½” x 36” and 1” x 36” width options
  • Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty

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