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Motul Motor Oil - 6100 Synergie+ 5W40 UNIVERSAL

Brand: Motul | Category: Motor Oil
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102320 6100 Synergie+
Size 208L Drum (55 gal)
Weight 5W40
103728 6100 Synergie+
Size 1L Bottle (1.05 qt)
Weight 5W40
103729 6100 Synergie+
Size 5L Jug (1.3 gal)
Weight 5W40

Product Description

Application: Engine lubricants
Engine Type: 4-Stroke
Quality: Technosynthese
Product Range: Car
Viscosity: 5w40
ACEA Standards: ACEA A3/B4
API Standards: API SN/CF
OEM Approvals: MB-Approval 229.3 ; VW 502 00 – 505 00 ; RN0710 – 0700

Technosynthese® lubricant, specially designed for powerful and recent cars, powered by large displacement engine, Diesel or gasoline engines, turbocharged or naturally aspirated, with indirect or direct injection, and catalytic converter.

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