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SNC Tuning Ultra Bright Blue Xenon Bulbs UNIVERSAL

Brand: SNC Tuning | Category: Lighting


BULB-B-SIZE-880 Bulb Size 880
BULB-B-SIZE-9003 Bulb Size 9003
BULB-B-SIZE-9004 Bulb Size 9004
BULB-B-SIZE-9005 Bulb Size 9005
BULB-B-SIZE-9006 Bulb Size 9006
BULB-B-SIZE-9007 Bulb Size 9007
BULB-B-SIZE-H1 Bulb Size H1
BULB-B-SIZE-H3 Bulb Size H3
BULB-B-SIZE-H4 Bulb Size H4
BULB-B-SIZE-H7 Bulb Size H7
BULB-B-SIZE-H9 Bulb Size H9
BULB-B-SIZE-H10 Bulb Size H10
BULB-B-SIZE-H11 Bulb Size H11
BULB-B-SIZE-H13 Bulb Size H13
BULB-B-SIZE-H9-1 Bulb Size H9

Product Description

Sonic Motor Ultra Bright Blue Xenon Bulbs
Plug and play installation.
Sold in pair (two bulbs).
4 times brighter than regular halogen bulbs.
Made in an ISO 9001 facility to ensure highest quality.
No modifications Required.

Output 100w
Actual power usage 55w

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